Our goal is to meet the needs for our customers by developing PET solutions that enhance their products. This involves their detailed analysis and a close working relationship to achieve the optimum outcome.


“To operate as an industry leader in the segments in which our company is engaged by anticipating the needs of our customers and gaining worldwide recognition.”


At Sheet-Pack, we strive to put our values into practice on a daily basis:

  • Flexibility
    Sheet-Pack has the ability to tailor film/reels delivery times according to the needs of its customers, thereby creating a bond of trust and loyalty with them.
  • Continuous Improvement and Innovation
    In order to anticipate the needs of the market, Sheet-Pack invests in innovating and improving continuously all areas that affect our core business directly and indirectly. From finding the best raw materials and new technologies on the market (to achieve excellence in the quality of our products) to tailoring all services that involve and affect our partners.
  • Custom Solutions
    We provide solutions and advice tailored to meeting the individual needs of our customers and ensuring their full satisfaction.